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Why Dr. Maureen Tamuno

Life & Business Coach | Speaker | Diplomat | Author

Life & Business Coach | Speaker | Diplomat | Author
With her deep expertise in leadership development, strategic planning, and performance optimization, Maureen is well-equipped to help executives and business owners overcome blind spots and strengthen their leadership skills.


Clarity is essential for overcoming the plateau that many successful business owners face. With Maureen's guidance, you can gain a clear perspective on the path ahead and develop a strategic plan for growth.


This is not just about making more money, but about identifying your leverage points and eliminating distractions. Maureen's coaching approach helps you focus on what's working and capitalize on your strengths.
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Years of Experience Lifepro theme


Ile-ife; Cradle of the world


A coffee table book documenting the rich culture of Ile-ife as the history of the Yoruba race, with a deep focus on 4 thematic areas; Culture, History, Business and Tourism.

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Based on 12 reviews
Uchay A
Uchay A
An outstanding public sector player who gets the job done anything.In addition she is an extra ordinary mentor,coach and author.She raises the bar the all the time .
Prince Obinna Ikechi
Prince Obinna Ikechi
Dr. Maureen Tamuno is an awesome boss, astute and prolific writer, and an epitome of womanhood. She is a content handler and apt presenter, never a dull moment with her.
ferdinand eke
ferdinand eke
Highly intellectually elated.
Bosede Olusola-Obasa
Bosede Olusola-Obasa
TESTIMONIAL My WIMBIZ Mentorship Experience with Dr. Maureen Tamuno; Nigeria's Ambassador to Kingston, Jamaica. THE DEPLOYMENT It was a very pleasant surprise in Q1, 2023, to get assigned to be mentored by an astute Diplomat - Dr. Maureen Tamuno. I had applied for the WIMBIZ Mentorship Programme 2023, where she was volunteering as a mentor. Being a journalist, I could imagine how busy my assigned mentor could be and understandably so. I also had my 'protective gear' on in case my mentor's personality turned out very different and required getting used to. As far as I was concerned, I wasn't going to let anything make me miss the point of my mentorship adventure. My mission was clear: • Handholding on my dire need journey towards scaling my personal and business brand. • Need for an accountability partner to fact-check my trajectory as a career/business person; benchmarking against a mentor who has seen it all, as it were. • Networking upwards to step into premium circles and platforms. • Leveraging the wisdom, expertise, experience, and connection of my mentor. MY SHOCK! To my greatest pleasure and amazement, Dr Tamuno devoted her time to fixing appointments and making them count. She harvested my goals, helped to drive them to fruition, and even set some loftier challenges that took me out of my comfort zones. ACTUALS • The last time I wrote a book was 2017, but I was able to complete and publish a new book within the mentorship period. • On the training and consulting side of me as Chief Executive Officer, 1st Royal Character & Values Limited (RCV), she inspired me and by extension my team to go premium in content packaging, marketing, brand perception, profit making, etc. • Dr. Tamuno literally drove my risk appetite overboard; being a huge risk taker herself. For instance, for the first time, my team and I were able to sell one of our training products to premium participants and at a premium rate of course. • All through the five-month period of the programme, she has been absolutely fantastic in helping me become more confident in harnessing the great human assets around me. • All the virtual mentoring sessions were very warm, focused, and solution-based, and I was most of all grateful to meet her in person at the public unveiling of her book on Ile Ife, in Lagos. SOME STERLING QUALITIES OF DR. TAMUNO THAT I INTERFACED WITH: Humane, committed, smart, detailed, growth-energiser, God fearing, encourager, solutions-inclined, and more. Thank you, WIMBIZ, for this connection. Thank you, dear Dr. Maureen Tamuno. God bless you ma.
Nadito Services
Nadito Services
An exceptional life coach, I am happy to have attended one of your sessions.

Life & Business Coach | Speaker | Diplomat | Author

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The main objective of coaching is to enhance the leadership abilities of the coachee(s) and equip them with the necessary skills to manage change, build efficient teams, manage their time, and excel in even the most challenging and intricate scenarios through self-awareness. Maureen P. Tamuno, Ph.D’s coaching program aims to maximize the potential of business owners, partners, or executives, and their businesses through various coaching sessions, including the DISC Assessment Report and DISC 360, Quarterly Planning/12 Week Sprints, and Critique Service.

Our programs for businesses aim to facilitate personal and professional development for individual growth, enhanced performance, and satisfaction. We concentrate on honing the leadership skills of the coache(s) – abilities necessary to manage and steer changes, create productive teams, manage time effectively, and thrive in complex and challenging situations with self-awareness. Our aim is to help organizations maximize the potential of their owners, executives, and partners, and to realize their businesses’ potential through coaching sessions, DISC Assessment Report and DISC 360, Quarterly Planning/12 Week Sprints, and Critique Service.

Our Executive Advisory Groups encourage collaboration among business owners and executive leaders, allowing them to leverage feedback from other owners on their products, services, and employee issues, make quicker decisions with validated feedback, have an instant Board of Directors to help accelerate business success, and break through their current revenue plateau.

Our Team Building Programs, the Engage & Grow Programs, are weekly group sessions designed to optimize your organization’s systems, behaviors, and culture through the Group Activation System methodology. We aim to captivate and entertain your key people while strategically developing new habits and behaviors. We begin by creating 12 Engagement Keys customized to your business, track these keys for each employee, and achieve transparency and accountability in the process to create movement within your organization.

Our Engagement Strategists will lead the entire process from start to finish, taking the daily pressures off your business owners and managers.

We offer multiple packages to suit your needs, with the option of up to four hours per month for phone, Skype, or face-to-face sessions depending on the program you choose. During these consultations, you and your coach will establish and review goals, discuss your progress, and tackle any obstacles you may encounter. In addition, your coach is available during business hours via cell phone or email to address any unforeseen challenges that arise throughout the week.

Your Executive Business Coach serves as a mentor and motivator, ensuring that you stay on track with the work required to achieve your goals. To instill the program’s fundamental philosophies correctly and achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time, you will need to dedicate several additional hours per week to the agreed-upon tasks outside of normal business hours.

At Deliberate Directions, we value your commitment and dedication to the program as a client, as it enables us to help you achieve the desired results.

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